AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit Dubai


Axis F1035-E is a highly efficient camera unit that can produce wide area coverage with a fisheye lens. This sensor unit is effective for both internal and external discreet surveillance. It can be employed in ATMs, buses, emergency vehicles, building doorways and other tight places.


Advanced surveillance methods and technologies can provide cost effective solutions that build great security capabilities and success to business and homes. In an initiative to deter any potential risks business of all sizes comes with CCTV surveillance as a reliable security measure. Security cameras being the mainstay of any CCTV system have evolved much; and the manufacturers like Axis communications come with advanced network cameras to meet all kind of surveillance. Axis is widely known to be the leader in the security camera industry, since their innovations in the security technology has really transformed the way the surveillance is done. AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit is the security camera that is exclusively built for discreet surveillance for both the indoor and outdoor applications.

Designed for Wide area discreet surveillance for both the indoor and outdoor applications

AXIS F1035-E Sensor Unit coupled with an AXIS F Main Unit presents wide area coverage using a fisheye lens. It truly is well suited for very discreet overview surveillance in indoor, outdoor and mobile surveillance applications; as an example, at entrances, long passages, in an ATM, in emergency vehicles, buses and trams. The tiny sensor unit could be installed in tough places, flush-mounted inside wall or ceiling, or implemented in an emergency vehicle. The rough, IP66-rated can survive vibrations, shock, dust, and snow and temperature fluctuations. AXIS F1035-E sensor unit has the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture, that could be activated once it is connected to a main unit that supports WDR. WDR – Forensic Capture allows to take the detailed picture in the lowest and bright scene conditions.

Some of its other features:

  • Rugged design for variety of uses
  • Fish eye lens
  • Provides the horizontal 194 degree view
  • WDR- forensic capture
  • Compatible with Axis F34, Axis F41 and Axis F44 main unit
  • IP66 and IP67 rated
  • Fixed iris lens

Discreet surveillance is certainly a requirement within a city like Dubai. Whatever be the situations, security solutions using the Axis CCTV systems will accelerate the security systems. And Axis F1035-E Sensor Unit will strengthen the indoor surveillance in a great way.

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