AXIS F41 Main Unit Dubai


AXIS F41 Main Unit

Axis F41 Main unit is used for applications where discreet surveillance is needed. This system is perfect for ATMs, banks vehicles and other outdoor and indoor surveillance needs. WDR-forensic capture make it possible to view the dark and bright scene of an object or activity.



As an electronic surveillance, CCTV has gained enormous popularity among industries and residences. A good security camera helps you to achieve the desired security goals. The challenge of delivering quality video images is vested in the hands of CCTV cameras. These days building a right CCTV security systems is not a big deal particularly if you have the right security cameras. Axis comes with the varied types of security cameras that are designed for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. Axis is particular about implementing advanced technology in their camera series which is focused to get the desired results. Designed with the divided network camera concept Axis Modular cameras serve the need of discreet surveillance in an effective way. Axis F41 main unit is the kind that has a flexible rugged and discreet design multiple configuration options.

A good bet for the discreet surveillance

Axis F41 Main unit is a quality choice for your extremely discreet surveillance needs. As a separate part, the Axis F41 Main unit can be installed in a sheltered areas, though the sensor unit can be deployed in tough places outdoor or indoors. It can extend up to 8m or 12m or 15m away from the main unit. The rugged design is helpful in the most demanding scenarios such as the hotels, pubs, ATMs, banks, stores and vehicles. It can connect to the one sensor module. Axis F41 offers WDR- forensic capture when connected to the F sensor that support this feature. This enable the sensor to capture high level of detail in both the dark and bright lighting conditions.

This technology is perfect for the nighttime situations where the environment is subject to extreme dark and bright light i.e. lights from the vehicles, signage etc… Axis F41 combined with the Axis F sensor provides the best of images in detail.

Video streaming

Like the previous models Axis F41 support the streaming of images in a high resolution of 1080p at 50 to 60 frames per second for 1080p sensor units. It can capture the images of fast moving objects and activities in a smoother way. When used with the 720p sensor unit it produce the 720p resolution images. It supports Axis Zipstream technology to lower the bandwidth and he storage requirement.

What more?

This main unit can survive tough conditions like the shocks, vibrations and other temperature variations. The ability to withstand the tough conditions make it ideal to use in police vehicles, ambulance vehicles, etc… It is easy to install and doesn’t eat much space for the placement.

Other features:

  • Axis Zip stream technology
  • Provide detailed images.
  • 1080p resolution and 720p resolution images
  • Video analytics
  • Open API for software integration
  • Secured with password protection
  • Multiple individual streaming in H.264 and Motion JPEG
  • Video management software
  • Can operate in low temperature conditions

Decided to install Axis CCTV systems for your surveillance need?

To come with a proper security measure is a necessity in a city like Dubai. To get the systems installed with a right CCTV provider is beneficial in terms of productivity and security. CCTV Dubai is excellent in developing CCTV security solutions with the Axis CCTV systems and cameras. Depending on the situations we formulate a cost effective solutions that extremely meet your surveillance need in detail. In order to build CCTV systems for discreet surveillance applications, we prefer Axis F41 Main unit with the Axis F sensor to get the desired benefits. Years of reliable service to the varied industries in UAE made us the most trusted CCTV provider in Dubai. We are operational in the emirates of Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain and Ajman. Contact us to know more.


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