AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit Dubai


AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit

AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit is for the extremely discreet surveillance. The pinhole lens is capable to capture the images in high definition (1080p resolution) format. AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit is good for indoor applications such as the ATMs, retail stores, banks, shopping malls etc…


In today’s world, to develop a recommended safety solution is essential. Probably the greatest solution to produce an extra cover of protection is CCTV security. As being a form of technology CCTV security is rapidly expanding and with various features, it extend the security surveillance in an innovative way. It could be employed as a trustworthy security partner for your business and homes. It is the greatest method for applications where much attention is needed. As this form of security has been accepted throughout, it points to the fact that security is safe in the hands of CCTV systems. Axis communications is forerunner in the domain of security systems. Feature rich Axis security cameras have been designed to meet the various surveillance need both the indoor and outdoor surveillance. AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit is just the type that is used for extremely discreet indoor surveillance.

Easy to install

AXIS F1025 Sensor Unit, in conjunction with an AXIS F Main Unit, is suitable to be utilized incredibly discreet indoor surveillance applications, for example in ATMs, stores, banks, elevators and hotels. The small-scale AXIS F1025 unit could be installed, for instance, in limited places, in doorways or flush-mounted within a wall or ceiling with only a pin hole visible. AXIS F1025 consists of an image sensor that can produce high resolution image of 1080p. And along with a pinhole lens it gives a horizontal field of view. It supports WDR – Forensic capture for the detailed view of the images both in the bright and dark areas of a scene.


  • Versatile for the indoor surveillance
  • Pinhole lens with 1080p resolution
  • 92 degree horizontal field of view
  • WDR-Forensic capture
  • Fixed iris lens
  • Can operate in cool climate conditions
  • Frame rate 50 to 60 fps
  • Compatible with Axis F34, Axis F41 and Axis F44

Discreet surveillance is really a requirement within a city like Dubai. Whatever be the situations, security solutions using the Axis CCTV systems will accelerate the security systems. And Axis F1015 Sensor unit will strengthen the indoor surveillance in a great way.

If you happen to be decided opt for the security solutions in Dubai, it is great to have the systems installed with the leading CCTV providerCCTV Dubai. We’ve the hardcore experience of providing cutting edge CCTV security using the Axis security systems in Dubai. Having long been in the industry and using the right expertise we have been proud to be regarded as the most preferred CCTV provider in Dubai and other emirates such as the Umm Al-Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman.


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