AXIS F44 Main Unit Dubai


Axis F44 main unit is used for the applications where discreet surveillance is required. With Four channels, this system can connect four sensor units, allowing for the single view of four areas. It supports Axis Zip stream technology and it allows quad viewing.


The hardest part about building a CCTV security systems is choosing the right security cameras. Without proper security cameras, your effort for a foolproof security may go futile. Here comes the importance of Axis communications. Axis is the leader in CCTV technology who are involved in manufacturing high-tech security cameras and systems.  The range of cameras are empowered with advanced features and functionalities that can be well-utilized to any kind of surveillance applications; and Axis modular cameras are no different. Axis F44 main unit is the system that fall in the category of Axis F series modular cameras.

Designed to deliver the best of surveillance, Axis F44 Main unit supports up to four Axis F sensors for the close watch of four neighboring areas. For a discreet surveillance, the main unit can be placed in a protected area whereas the sensor unit can be positioned at tough places for capturing. The separating distance be up to 8m or 12m or 15m away from the main unit. The rough designed and advanced AXIS F44 Main Unit is fit for a variety of challenging applications, from retail stores and Banks, to emergency vehicles and trams and ATMs.

Cost effective solutions for better surveillance

It extends a highly cost effective solution for surveillance from four angles of the area through one Ethernet port. The cost of installing one main unit with the sensor unit is lesser than the installation cost of four network cameras. License fees for the video management software can also be dropped as it require one license for the four cameras. The AXIS F44 also presents a high storage solution as it supports, two full SD cards for local storage of recordings.

Two capture mode for different resolution images

Each channel of Axis F44 support 1080p and 720p capture modes to get the detailed images. The system can use any of the modes through the channels. In the 1080p capture the resolution of the image will be 1080p and in the 720p capture mode the resolution will be 720p. In both the views the system offers a quad view streaming of the images.

Wide dynamic range – Forensic capture

WDR-Forensic capture feature is available across four channels in 720p capture mode. This can be evoked only when the attaching sensor unit has the forensic capture feature. WDR- Forensic capture allows the images to be visible in the dark and bright scenes. It is very helpful to capture the activities in the building entrances and other tight places. It supports Axis Zipstream technology to lower the bandwidth and he storage requirement.

Axis F44 Main unit can survive even in the toughest weather conditions, shocks and other fluctuations. Moreover it has been designed for easy to install and use.

Let’s have a look at the overview:

  • Axis Zipstream technology
  • Detailed images
  • Quad view streaming possible
  • Two capture modes of 1080p and 720p
  • Two built-in Full-size SD card slots
  • Video analytics
  • Open API for software integration
  • Secured with password protection and IP address filtering
  • Video management software
  • Withstand toughest conditions
  • Multiple individual streaming in H.264 and Motion JPEG

Decided to install Axis CCTV systems for your surveillance need?

To come with a proper security measure is a necessity in a city like Dubai. To get the systems installed with a right CCTV provider is helpful in terms of output and security. CCTV Dubai is brilliant in developing CCTV security solutions with the Axis CCTV systems and cameras. Depending on the situations we formulate a cost effective solutions that extremely meet your surveillance need in detail. In order to build CCTV systems for discreet surveillance applications, we prefer Axis F44 Main unit to get the desired benefits. Years of service to the diverse industries across UAE made us the most reliable CCTV provider in Dubai. We are operational in the emirates of Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Ajman. Contact us to know more.


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