Axis M2014-E IP Camera Dubai


Axis M2014-E Network Camera

Axis M2014-E Network camera is a high-performance camera designed for extreme surveillance. This bullet-styled camera can deliver images of high resolution. Built with intelligent video features Axis M2014-E IP camera is a good option for ATMs, banks, hotels, hospitals, offices etc…


The increasing significance of CCTV security cause many business and homes to accept this as a protective measure. It is the role of security cameras that make the surveillance better and transparent. So it is necessary that the cameras you choose should clearly define the purpose. Axis CCTV systems certainly are a better choice to construct a thorough in-depth security solution. Being recognized for the CCTV technology, Axis communications is skillful at producing high-tech IP cameras focused towards different security surveillance applications. Incorporating latest functions and options, Axis M2014-E Network camera helps the organizations to have the desired results.

What makes Axis M2014-E Network camera so powerful?

This high performance solid bullet-style IP camera is designed for supreme flexibility and ease of installation. The compact design and the advanced features of Axis M2014-E IP camera make it more convenient for the use in banks, retail stores, hospitals, offices etc…

It also comprises of the main unit and separate camera unit. The lengthy cable allows the camera unit to be placed separately that is up to 8 meters apart thus providing the maximum installation flexibility. Through built-in MicroSDHC, Axis M2014-E offers a suitable video management solution. Its support for the various video features such as the motion detection, tampering alarm and the I/O ports for external devices make this camera a favorable option for various surveillance.

The features include:

  • Compact and stylish design
  • High definition images of 720p resolution
  • Axis companion support
  • Axis corridor support
  • IP66 rated
  • Can be secured with password, IP address filtering
  • Analytics features such as the video motion detection and active tampering alarm
  • It can operate in the temperature of -20-degree centigrade
  • Support for micro SD and micro SDHC
  • Support power over Ethernet
  • Various image settings controls
  • Open API for software integration

Establishing a total security solution with the Axis CCTV systems fundamentally bring about several advantages such as work productivity, staff efficiency, asset security, etc…once you deploy systems with Axis M2014-E IP cameras the surveillance results end up being much more impressive.  What’s more? Creating an end-to-end solution with a skilled provider like CCTV Dubai helps business to realize its security goals. Good at offering solutions and recognizing the benefits – CCTV Dubai is outstanding with what we deliver with Axis CCTV systems. In an endeavor to deal with the requirements, our professionals take extreme care in delivering the best in accord with the industry standards.

We have years of experience in the realm of designing, planning and installation of CCTV security. Maintaining the best, we take careful attention to generate clearness towards the security needs in a greater way. Hence in a city like Dubai, being an added security cover, it is always good to have the systems installed using the latest cameras.

Our range of solutions are not concentrated in Dubai only, it is available in the emirates of Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman as well. Standard approach with AXIS M2014-E Network camera gives customers an opportunity to feel the desired results. With the pool of Axis IP cameras, our solutions deliver greater results in an efficient way. Once and for all, we are at your disposal for every kind of security needs – if it for your business or homes. Contact us for a better understanding.


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