AXIS F4005 Dome Sensor Unit Dubai


AXIS F4005 Dome Sensor Unit

Axis F4005 Dome Sensor unit is exclusively designed for discreet indoor surveillance. It supports WDR-Forensic capture for the detailed identification of the bright and dark images. This sensor unit is good to provide surveillance in the ATMs, banks, hotels and retail stores and all.


CCTV surveillance is undoubtedly a great security measure to enhance the protection and productivity. In a highly unsecured environments, the benefits that CCTV make available is surprising. By keeping a watch on the activities, it helps to unfold the real truth in the confused situations. Not only that it secure your assets and life, it is a great productivity tool in the business environment. Now in the technically advanced scenario, wide range of security cameras are available that offers discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance in an effective way. When it comes to the camera brand, Axis network cameras are certainly the best. Axis is considered to be the leading manufacturer of high-tech IP cameras. Designed for extremely discreet indoor surveillance, Axis F4005 Dome Sensor unit is good for the applications in ATM surveillance, bank surveillance and much more.

A great alternative for highly indoor surveillance needs

Axis F4005 is really a solid, recessed dome sensor unit for sensitive video surveillance. It is easy to install and can be used in indoor surveillance such as the retail stores and banking environments. The mounting adapter that comes with the sensor unit allows the sensor unit to be installed on hard surfaces as well. Axis F4005 offers high resolution along with wide horizontal field of view.

It features a tilt function enabling the sensor unit to be focused on the chosen viewing area. It supports Axis’ Corridor Format to suit more vertically oriented areas including staircases, hallways and aisles. A rotation tool is provided for smoothing the image.

This sensor unit support Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture that can be activated once the sensor unit is attached to a main unit that supports WDR. WDR – Forensic Capture allows a higher level of image detail to become visible both in the bright and dark areas of a scene.

Let’s have a look at some of the features:

  • Suitable for high discreet surveillance
  • Compact recessed dome for indoor surveillance
  • Provides wide horizontal view of 113 degree
  • Supports WDR – Forensic view for he detailed image.
  • Fixed lens with 1080p
  • Supports Axis corridor format
  • Compatible with Axis F34, Axis F41 and Axis F44 main unit
  • Can tilt to 120-degree

Security solutions with CCTV Dubai

Discreet surveillance is a necessity in an advanced city like Dubai. Whatever be the scenarios, security solutions with the Axis CCTV systems will boost up the surveillance. And Axis F4005 Dome Sensor unit will strengthen the indoor surveillance in a great way.

If you have been decided to go for the security solutions in Dubai, it is good to get the systems installed with the leading CCTV provider – CCTV Dubai. We have the hardcore experience in delivering state of the art CCTV security with the Axis security systems in Dubai. Having long been in the industry and having the right expertise we are proud to be considered as the most preferred CCTV provider in Dubai and other emirates such as the Umm Al-Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman.

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